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Night Driving

Here is a quiz from DMV written test.
Q: Night driving is dangerous because
A-1) Some traffic signs are less visible at night.
A-2) More vehicles are on the road at night.
A-3) The distance we can see ahead is reduced.
A-4) Street lights tend to blur our vision.
night driving
The answer is
A-3) The distance we can see ahead is reduced.
Please don’t be too confident of yourself while you are driving at night.

Child Safety Seats

As you know, all children under the age of 4 ride in child safety seats and all children ride in child restraint systems until their 8th birthday. Do you know how to choose the correct one for your little loved ones?



Infant Car Seats
For infants that weigh approximately 22 pounds or less, are 25 inches or less in length. Always place the seat in the back seat of the vehicle and make sure the child safety seat faces rear of the vehicle. Never put an infant in the front seat of a vehicle that has a passenger-side air bag.


Convertible Car Seats
For infants or toddlers that weigh approximately 40 pounds or less. For infants, face these seats toward the rear of the vehicle.
For toddlers, you can change a convertible seat to face the front of the vehicle.


Booster Car Seats
children who are 4 to eight 8 old, weigh 40 to 80 pounds, and are less than 4 feet, 9 inches in height



The driver is held responsible for properly restraining child passengers under the age of sixteen, and can be fined a minimum of $25 up to a maximum of $100. The driver will receive 3 points on their driving record as well.

For more information:






How To Drive Safely In Work Zones

construction siteOne of the reasons why areas where road work takes place is dangerous for drivers because ticket fines double  (~~;), even when the workers or work vehicles are not there. And of cause, you have to keep workers safe.


Orange signs in the shape of diamonds — “work zone” warning signs — are often placed before road construction projects and other work areas that can change traffic flow. One sign can read: “flagger ahead.” A flagger has the same authority as a sign, which indicates you can receive a ticket for disobeying directions.
Decrease speed! Be Alert! Obey the signs

Road Work Area

DMV Approved Left Turn



making turns on streetsI would like to tell you how to make a left turn today. What? You know that? Ok, but do you know THE DMV APPROVED LEFT TURN?
Here is a quiz. When you are making a left turn into a two-lane street, which lane you are going to go? In the lane with the least traffic?

Make a left turn
That is not correct! When you have completed the turn your car should be in the LEFT lane of the street first. “B” in the image is correct. After you get into the left lane and you can move to other lanes as you need.
Well, I can’t force you to do that and getting into lane “A” is not violation, but it can reduce a risk of crush with a car which is turning right from the opposite lane.

avoid crash into right turn car



How to Read Parking Signs




NYC Parking SingsIt is a really common parking signs in Manhattan.
Ok, here is a quiz for you. Now it is 8:00 pm on Friday, you are driving your non-commercial vehicle. Can you park on this street in free?

The answer is NO. You can park after 6:00 pm but have to pay parking fee at a meter. To park in free, it should be only from midnight until next morning and Sundays.
Please read and understand this kind of combination parking signs to avoid sky high fines in NYC.

parking signs




Fire Hydrant Rule



One of the most annoying issues to park on a street is a fire hydrant. While driving around streets and looking for parking space, an empty spot shoots your eyes! But it is always the place of a hydrant ..

new york city, fire hydrant

Do you know how many feet (meters) you have to away from a fire hydrant? The answer is 15 feet (5 meters). I am 5’6” in height so, the distance is about 2 and half times of me. You should know how 15 feet look like to avoid $115 fine in New York City. If a licensed driver remains behind the wheel and is ready to move the vehicle you can stand alongside a fire hydrant.
(* You can neither park nor stand in front of fire station)




Drive on Snow Roads

drive on snow roadThe weather forecast said it would be snow tomorrow morning in New York City. In a snow storm, drive slowly.
Make sure your vehicle has good snow tires. Never combine radial and non-radial tires on the same vehicle. Tires with metal studs can be used in New York State only from October 16 through April 30.





Variety of “No Parking”

avoid parking ticket


New York City is one of the hardest cities to park on street side in the world. Do you know what is differences between “No Parking”, “No Standing” and “No Stopping”?
No Parking … you can temporary stop to load or discharge both of merchandise AND passengers
No Standing … You can temporary stop to load or discharge only passengers (not merchandise)
No Stopping .. You CANT temporary stop with any reasons except to obey signs or officers.

No Parking Chart

There are tons of parking rules in the city but you need to learn to avoid disgusting penalty.