Driving Lesson

A beginner or an inexperienced driver:

    • does not feel fear to operate a vehicle through our full dominant method, for instance, use in easy combination of accelerating and braking.
    Named “Tunagi Accelerating” is making a student easy to operate any types of vehicles. Also easy braking makes the students control their cars in much easier and safer.

An intermediate driver:

    • We positively offer a highway driving.
    With recognizing wide blind areas around the car, a driver realizes an importance to maintain the time and space cushion during changing lanes.

An adult experienced driver:

    We shall offer a night drive or an aimed destination drive. A driver will get a lot of experience to come across many difficult situations to anticipate.

Teens and nervous drivers:

    We recommend them to learn the basic traffic rules and vehicle control first. They are sure to obtain skills to drive a car much easier than they thought under full knowledge of Rule of the Road and habits to control a vehicle in safe manners. Knowledge and Skills are the most important for a student driver.Normally it could NOT be difficult for a beginner or inexperienced driver to operate a vehicle. Because if they obtain enough knowledge of Rule of the Road and basic skills of vehicle control, most drivers feel easy to operate their car.

We have been developing our high potential and comprehensive method since year 2008.